Saturday, January 14, 2012

Man vs. Girls Scout Cookies!!


This is a public service announcement.

Once a year we are all faced with the most addictive substance known to man.  A substance that has been known to crumble and destroy many diets. 

It is known in my neck of the woods as the crack cocaine of food.  They are addictive and yet they are delicious.  They are hard to resist and you can never have just one.

What am I referring to?

Girl Scout Cookies!

Yes it is that time of the year where our little darlings go around selling cookies and making me cut out dinner to eat them. 

Oh when it was announced that it was time to start selling cookies, I felt like an addict. I began to get panicky and …hungry.  I felt so guilty for wanting to buy like a million boxes.

Oh you tell yourself I am just helping out the neighborhood girl scouts or I am just stocking up. I don’t plan to eat them all at once. I am just going to freeze some of them so I can enjoy them year round.

I was feeling good about the life decisions I was making. I cut down on my junk food intake, replaced it with fruit and healthier choices but…

All it takes is something as delicious to throw a wrench in my plan.  It is hard to continue a diet with the enemy on hand staring you in the face.

Why not avoid cookies this year you ask?

Well, being a Girl Scout troop leader and also a Girl Scout mother, it cannot be avoided.  I have to support and I have to buy some.  Believe me I have been trying to make the all the sells go to other people’s homes.  I could also donate them to Operation Cookie Drop, but…Did I mention that I am addicted to Girl Scout Cookies.

When I sat down with the cookie order form I just continued to think about my mantra…all things in moderation.

Because like I have been saying, this is a lifestyle change and why can’t a box of yummy Girl Scout cookies be a part of my life. 

I can be superman every day and repel junk food when I want to.  I am that strong.  I am Superwoman in every aspect of my life and this can be just one more thing.

Lest we not forget however…Superman did have kryptonite.

Darn you Girl Scout Cookies!!!! Darn you to Heck!!

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