Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sometimes making the Healthy Choice...Is so freaking hard!

My three year old daughter lately has been telling her Dad and I that her brain made her do it.  Whenever she gets into trouble, it’s always “My brain told me to do it.” And we respond with stop listening to your brain when it tells you to do bad things.

It’s funny.  I didn’t understand her, but now I see where she is coming from.  It’s not my brain however that is telling me to do bad things.  Oh no, I have discovered that my stomach is the bad influence.

I woke up this morning determined to work out and get my Healthy 2012 off to a good start. I got up at a reasonable time; I did 25 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes of weight training.  I felt good and in control. 

Then my family decided that we should go out for lunch.

I freaked for a second.

Did I tell you that my weakness is good food?

My brain told me that I needed to stay on track. It said that I needed to continue my healthy habits all day no matter where I go. As I said before, this is a lifestyle and not a diet.  I needed to be in control and stay in control.

So I get in the car and drive to the restaurant confident that I can stay on track and get my healthy day going.  We enter the restaurant and this is the first thing that I see at the front door by the hostess station.

I wanted to scream.  It looked so good.  Even the kids were thinking that they now wanted dessert.

It is difficult sometimes and some days I fall off the wagon.  Food (and in particular junk food) is my kryptonite.  I feels o weak when I give in and pig out. Sometimes I think that I can’t do it. My stomach (the enemy) always hungers for the unhealthiest things on the menu or in the grocery store and in the refrigerator. 

But when I choose to eat the healthier thing, I feel victorious.  I feel so strong and confident that I can makes these decisions long term.

At the restaurant, I got a salad and I didn’t ask for extra dressing.  It is something small, but every small thing counts.  I feel victorious and healthy.  I like that feeling. I think I will do it again tomorrow.

My next challenge, not eating right before I go to bed.  But, that is another story…

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