Friday, April 6, 2012

Kitchen Staple #4: Bell peppers (Red, Yellow, Green and Orange)

My husband is weird.  He claims that he hates bell peppers and just like onions he would never eat them, However when I make Fajitas he is game to give them a try. It boggles my mind because that meal is full of peppers and onions.
My daughter was so used to seeing the green peppers that I tried to trick her by switching up the colors.

She was not fooled. When I collected her plate, I noticed they were all draped across the side. She had picked them all out.

I feel that they do not know what they are missing.  I eat them in everything especially salads and pizza. They are so yummy.  I am trying to convince them of this but they still refuse to eat them.

Oh Well, more for me.

Here are some tasty recipes to get those picky family members eating delicious and yummy bell peppers of all colors!

My favorite Recipes that include bell peppers as a staple

*      Pepper Steak and Rice

*      Sausage and peppers

*      Fajitas

*      Shrimp and Red pepper Linguine

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