Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kitchen Staple #3: Potatoes

So, I decided that I wanted to make homemade potato chips.  I sliced potatoes and deep fried them and they actually came out really delicious. I was so impressed with myself.  My family was too as they gobbled up those potato chips.  I made so many that I decided that I would put them in plastic storage bags so the kids could eat them the next day.

Bad idea.

They next day they were all soggy and nasty.

But don’t get me wrong; though I have made some mistakes with cooking potatoes, I absolutely love them.   They are so delicious. You can use them to make anything tastier.  I noticed that potatoes are the first things that my kids eat when they begin to start eating table food.

I love them because you can do anything with them. You can mash them, fry them, bake them, saut√© them.  Anyway you cook them they can be a fabulous meal.  In my family for some reason it is a meal of comfort

I try to always have a bag of potatoes in my kitchen in case I need a side dish or forget to buy a bag of French fries at the store.  I keep them around just in case I decided to make a breakfast scramble on a whim. 

Facts about Potatoes

v  A potato is about 80% water and 20% solid.

v  United States potato lovers consumed more than 4 million tons of French Fries in various shapes and sizes.

v  The average American eats 140 pounds of potatoes per year. Germans eat more than 200 pounds per year.

v  The highest volume baked potato restaurant, The Hot Potato, is located in Plaza las Americas in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

v  One of the most fun items on our list of potato facts is that the potato was the first food ever to be grown in outer space.

v  Potatoes are one of the most important crops in the entire world. They fall at number four on the list of important crops, with only corn, wheat, and rice beating them out for importance.

v  After dairy products, potatoes are the second most consumed food in all of the United States.

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