Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kitchen Staple #1: Pasta

Imagine a Sunday night having dinner with the family. In front of you is a big delicious plate of spaghetti and meatballs with the perfect sauce.

That sounds like heaven to me!

I guess that’s because I love Italian food and anything to do with pasta.

Pasta is always a go-to or a dinner staple in my house. We could have it in many different ways any day of the week and we never get sick of it.

I am a sucker for Italian food.  I almost believe that I was Italian in another life. My favorite Italian foods all involve pasta in some way shape or form.

 I just can’t get enough of pasta and the many dishes that you can create from them. 

I believe I got that pasta loving gene from my mother.  My mother made the best spaghetti sauce for an African American woman from Michigan.  Her sauce would always make you speechless and it spoiled her sons as they could not tolerate a woman that could not make similar sauce from scratch.

In her house, she always had tomato sauce, many types of pasta. It was a staple in our house growing up.  I can just taste her spaghetti and sauce

My mother did not like meatballs in her pasta.  I never knew why but she would always make us a pot of spaghetti and meatballs and always eat her without. 

Just thinking about her and her big pot of spaghetti that could feed an army brings me back to our little yellow house on the 25th block of east 21st street. It brings me back home and when I can’t be there I try to bring that taste of home to my family.

The problem: It took me forever to get the sauce right.  

My favorite types of Pasta: Spaghetti and Penne Rigate

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